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How To Write an Effective Followup Sequence

Your first email should start off with a personal introduction, be friendly, people like that. Come across as an expert on a topic of your interest. Be it niche websites, email marketing etc. Don’t forget to add your REAL photo in the footer along with links to your social properties, Facebook page(s), Instagram, YouTube channel, […]

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How to Close High Ticket Prospects In 8 Steps

1. Establish their deepest desires. (and core emotions governing these desires ) 2. Structure a strategic plan of action SPECIFIC to those desires and clearly demonstrate this plan as the solution to the problem they have in their life. 3. Strategic probing- what have they already tried to solve these problems? How did it work […]

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Why Instant Sales Pitches Don’t Work?

I see random sales pitches coming from strangers in their first ever messages. It’s sort of funny, you just add someone to your list, you don’t bother to introduce yourself, you add no value to the conversation, build no relationship, NOTHING. How can you expect them to buy your product/service? Why should they? It’s like […]

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