What Is a Solo Ads Directory? Should You Trust One?

Looking to purchase your first solo ad but not sure where to start? You need to consider a solo ads directory.

You might have encountered these directory sites that offer cheap or sometimes free solo ads. Does such a concept even exist?

solo ads directory

For the most part, it's no good and is comparable to 10 dollar and 20 dollar traffic which guarantees you'll receive a certain number of clicks (often not real human traffic). With the blaster, it's mostly bots and you shouldn't be expecting real results (leads/sales).

If you're looking for high quality traffic and don't know a solo ads agency just yet, your best bet is to start with a solo ad directory.

What can one do for you? If you're on the fences and can't make a decision, one may help in getting you a list of traffic providers who you may want to test out.

This doesn't necessarily mean they are all legit and the results will be amazing, but the chances of them delivering are high.

A solo ad marketplace should have multiple filters using which you can sort the email ads with various metrics like cost per click and average conversions.

Often the vendors will offer guaranteed clicks and a specific bonus/over delivery for covering any discrepancies between the tracker and your autoresponder.

Most vendors on these platforms specialize in biz op and multi-level marketing/mlm solo ads. You will be placing your order and technically you'll rent a list for advertising purposes.

The provider will then create an e-mail copy tailored to your product and schedule your ad to go out at a set time.

A marketplace should be a good starting point also when you can't trust a vendor. I'll be doing you a disservice if I don't mention my solo ad agency in here. I have 150+ testimonials collected since 2016 and it's apparent my traffic converts very well for my customers.

However, this is not the case with most vendors in the space.

Most are either too new to the industry or they could be selling bot-traffic (and ultimately scamming you without you knowing it). In this case, it's a better idea to find a seller on a market place instead. At least, you would be covered since the directory acts as a middleman.

This, however comes at a cost. Even though you're safeguarded, usually solo ads directories take a piece of the cake for being the middleman. Both the provider (seller) and the consumer (you) incur a little transaction fee when you complete a successful transaction on a platform.

If the concept doesn't feel like home, definitely try these companies but if you have experience and know a vendor is legitimate, it's best to get in touch with them 1-1.

The vendor may also be able to provide you a special offer on traffic and negotiations are also possible in bulk orders. This is often not possible with a solo ads directory.

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solo ad directory

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  1. Hi Harshwardhan. A friend of mine has had a great experience working with you. I’m going to try your traffic soon!

  2. Very informative. a solo ad directory can be a good starting point for beginners but once you have some experience, you should deal directly with vendors. That can get you better deals I guess.

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