How to Close High Ticket Prospects In 8 Steps

1. Establish their deepest desires. (and core emotions governing these desires )

2. Structure a strategic plan of action SPECIFIC to those desires and clearly demonstrate this plan as the solution to the problem they have in their life.

3. Strategic probing- what have they already tried to solve these problems? How did it work out? What went wrong? Why?

4. Show how your solution is unique to solving this problem…allowing them to achieve goals (make sure they don’t feel it’s their fault)

5. Develop “common enemy” i.e upbringing , society, schooling system, job etc

6. Prescribe your solution to them, why its unique etc. how it can solve problems

7. Why it’s different to what they have tried in the past…

8. Would they like us to help them implement this plan?

Hope this helps!