How To Write an Effective Followup Sequence

Your first email should start off with a personal introduction, be friendly, people like that. Come across as an expert on a topic of your interest. Be it niche websites, email marketing etc.

Don’t forget to add your REAL photo in the footer along with links to your social properties, Facebook page(s), Instagram, YouTube channel, and website/blog URL. It builds trust.

People love stories and a followup sequence is no exception. Tell a story, how your product HELPED solve this PROBLEM which you were facing before you HAD that product. Progress the story with each followup.

Start emails with a BAD NEWS so people can relate to it, slowly transition that to a GOOD NEWS as your product HELPED in doing just that!

Always press the pain points of your audience, for that you need to know what their problems really are. I do this in one of my followup emails, I conduct a survey asking them the problems/hurdles they’re facing.

Take note of their responses, you need to know what’s holding them back from succeeding. HELP them by recommending a product/service you PERSONALLY use and love. Never recommend bad products/services.

Yeah you can close a sale out of the blue but there are refunds too, if you recommend a product which doesn’t provide value, your image also tarnishes in front of your subscribers.

Don’t SELL, Solve a PROBLEM 🙂