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Once you’ve sent your tracking link, sit back and relax. I’ll contact you via email as soon as I get a chance (usually within 24-48 hours). In the meantime, please feel free to check out my website's blog section on how to make the most out of solo ads.

I highly recommend you use a link tracker for tracking your upcoming solo ad campaign(s).

I use and recommend ClickMagick, have been using it for more than 4 years and can recommend it any day. You can get a FREE 14-day trial of ClickMagick here.

ClickMagick can also help you track traffic's quality. I know my traffic's quality is second to none as I do SEO/search engine optimization but it's just a good idea in general to track all your marketing campaigns.

This is of utmost importance specially if you're using paid traffic. You want to be 100% aware of what you're buying.

If you’re just starting out with solo ads, be sure to check out my beginners guide to solo ads. It’s very important to know how solo ads work and how to make them work for you. You need to have a solid overall strategy, you just can’t run traffic directly to offers and expect sales. My guide will help you in maximizing your conversions, getting more sales and ultimately profit.

Also, here you can check out frequently asked questions related to solo ads.

If you have some experience with solo ads, here’s an article I wrote. It might help you with your email marketing campaigns. I share my opinion on how you can boost your email open rates.

If you’re interested in improving your marketing funnel, definitely recommend you check out my tips on how you can improve your capture page’s conversion rate. 🙂

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