A Beginner’s Guide to Solo Ads

If you are new to internet marketing, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the term solo ads. Before diving in, it’s vital to know your numbers and have a strategy in place so you can profit.

With our solo ads guide, we aim to familiarize you more with this advertising format which has stood the test of time. Yes, you heard that right. Solo or email ads as they are known are going strong for more than two decades now.

What is a Solo Ad

This is one of the more common questions which beginners have. You’d typically pay an email marketer a fixed fee (usually on a per-click basis) so they’ll send out an ad to their email list promoting your product. So, if you order 200 clicks and you’re paying 0.70/click, you’d pay them $140 for the ad.

If you want to promote a weight loss product, you’ll want to look for a vendor with an email list of people interested in weight loss. The health niche will work too as it’s a broader niche. That’s targeted marketing and the only secret sauce of top marketers in the industry. Get your offers in front of the right people.

A solo ad provider will send out an ad on your behalf and the solo ad would look like this:

Subject: This Ends Today


ABC (The Content)

Have a look here (Call to Action/CTA)

Do Solo Ads Work?

It depends on a lot of factors. Solo ads work but they’re not for everyone. You should instead ask – are solo ads the right advertising format for you?

Solo ads are ideal for people with a decent advertising budget. An email list is an investment and you can’t expect to get subscribers/leads for free. A solo ad vendor will always charge you on a per-click basis. Solo Ads are definitely not your ‘get rich quick’ thing.

The end goal is to build a high-quality mailing list of subscribers who’re interested in your product. Just sending an offer to your subscribers doesn’t work, you need to build a strong relationship with your leads. This way, they’ll trust you and they’ll end up buying products you promote.

Focus on solving problems, not selling. No one likes being sold to. The money is in the list, that’s true but it takes some time and effort to make things work. 🙂


  • You can build an email list quickly
  • A faster way to test products and funnels as PPC traffic is usually slower.


  • It costs money to send out an ad (this is not your $5 cheap bot traffic though). Every click comes from a real human subscriber from within an email list who has decided to open the advertising email.
  • Conversions are not guaranteed. Let’s face it – it’s a business. With affiliate marketing or other forms of marketing, you can only try your best and hope for the best. Depends on your marketing strategy. You need to think about your overall marketing strategy before sending traffic to a funnel.

How Solo Ads Work

Running solo ad traffic directly to a sales page or an offer page hardly works today. Solo ad traffic is cold traffic, they don’t know you yet, and they’re only visiting your pages. You have to give value and build trust over time. People buy from people – as simple as that 🙂

Run traffic to a funnel with a lead capture page as the entry point to the funnel. The goal is to build an email list. If you run traffic directly, you can’t ever engage with those X visitors again unless you have their personal information like first name and email address.

Traffic from an email list (from a solo ad vendor) -> Your landing page (entry point to the funnel) -> Bridge Page -> Offers

You’d want to have an opt-in bait in place so people share their email addresses in return for the freebie which you’re offering.

Following are a few good examples of make money online/internet marketing/biz op niche capture pages.


You can use some of our landing page examples to get an idea and then come up with a great landing page if you don’t have one already. Marketing is all about split testing, you need to find a winner and then you can scale and stay profitable at the same time. Also, you should check out this article, I share my views on what you should know about a winning capture page. My tips might help you with conversions.

Solo ads have the potential to make you some decent money online but only if you’re willing to make it work for you. It’s all in the strategy in the end. Always run traffic to a funnel (with a capture page as an entry point) and not directly to an offer. That would not work 90% of the time. Money is in the list, you need to build a quality email list and build a strong relationship with your audience.

80% Tier 1 or 100% Tier 1 Traffic?

For the traffic source, the higher the Tier 1/T1 percentage, the better the traffic will be.

Having more native English speakers in your email list is a good idea as they are more likely to purchase your product for obvious reasons. With Tier 1 traffic, you’ll get visitors only from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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