Frequently Asked Questions Related To Solo Ads

A solo ad is a form of email marketing where an ad is sent out to a person’s email list. You’d want to promote your product to an audience interested in your product. This is very important.

You can’t promote a dog product to an audience interested in fishing and expect sales. It MIGHT work but most likely it won’t work. Show your readers what they want and they’re more likely to engage with your content.

If you’re interested in weight loss, there’s a good chance you’d be interested in weight loss products. So, if that’s the case you’d want to invest in weight loss solo ads. You get the idea.

How to buy solo ads

You can purchase a solo ad from a company or an individual solo ad provider.

The vendor will then send out your ad to their mailing list and will often write a tailor-made copy for your product so it’s a good fit for their subscribers.

How It Works

Your only goal is to find the right audience to whom you’ll promote your product. Get in touch with a solo ad provider, discuss your goals and wait for them to send out an ad for your offer. They’ll usually keep you posted on when the ad will go out.

You can also ask the vendor to schedule your solo ad at a specific time. Most of the time, the vendor will honor your request depending on the availability.

Do I need to Track my Solo Ad?

Without a doubt, yes. It’s very important to know what you’re doing. Not just your solo ad, you should track all of your marketing efforts. Be it solo ads, free traffic sources, or PPC. You need to understand your numbers to stay profitable.

We use and recommend Clickmagick, which is our favorite link tracking service.

Recommended: Our complete review of Clickmagick.

Other than tracking your marketing campaigns, you also need an autoresponder service and a good web hosting account. You’d be driving traffic to your funnel so you want a reliable web hosting service.

Here are the tools which we use in our business daily and can recommend any day.

>> Recommended Tools

Will I get Conversions?

Everything depends on your marketing strategy. Solo ads are just like any other traffic source out there, magic can’t happen. We can only guarantee you’ll get X quality visitors to your link.

We also overdeliver, up to 10% over-delivery on clicks regardless of the order size. If you’re willing to put in the work and come up with a great marketing strategy, you can make a killing with solo ads.

Highly recommend you try split testing too, that’s how you can improve your front-end conversions on your capture page. Find some great capture page ideas in my beginner’s guide to solo ads.

The back end is one of the most important aspects if not the most important, you need to have a strong follow-up sequence, that’s how you’ll be building a relationship with the people who opt into your funnel. For the back end, you’ll be using an autoresponder service.

Most of the sales will come from your follow-up. Sending prospects directly to a sales page won’t work for the most part. This is why you need to follow up with them, give value and expose them using different angles.  That’s why you are using an autoresponder!

If you purchased a product, that was because you followed the product creator for a while, and then you decide to buy from them. People are analytical and they check everything before making a purchase.

Only a few people will buy right away. Most people need time to warm up before making a decision. People aren’t numbers, they have feelings, they think and they don’t take impulsive decisions.

What Niches do you Serve?

I serve make money online/internet marketing/biz op/home business and cryptocurrency niches. My traffic should convert well with these niches. If you have a different product, it may not work very well. Feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get a chance.