How To Improve Email Open Rates

There are many ways to boost your email/broadcasts’ open rates. Here are a few ways which work:

Targeted Marketing

If you have an audience interested in fishing, share content related to fishing with them. This will keep them engaged. Showing a weight loss niche product to an audience interested in pets won’t work for the most part.

Use Emoticons

You can use emoticons or smileys in your subject line. It can work wonders for your marketing campaigns and significantly improve your open rates. However, mix things up, and don’t use smileys in every email you send.

Ask Questions

Try asking a question, this results in better engagement. Focus on their pain points and offer your solution. Don’t try to sell.

Try doing a survey, collect your audience’s response, and this way you’ll know what exactly they’re looking for and if they have any pain points. This will give you ideas for content. Always deliver big time and this will build authority and your audience will love you for surpassing their expectations.

Never Import Subscribers

Try not to import subscribers to your autoresponder. There are times when you may need to import your leads if you’re moving to another service but at times, they will often allow you inferior IPs which can hurt your deliverability. If you have a choice, better to not touch the import functionality.

Build an audience naturally with lead generation, never purchase email lists, they’re often bad quality and are scraped. You want a responsive email list of people who look forward to hearing more from you.

If you would like to get high-quality leads, definitely consider solo ads. You can get started here.